Our History

The Tigrayan Association in Toronto was founded to unite Tigrayans in the Greater Toronto Area.

Who are Tigrayans?

Tigrayans are people from the region of Tigray in East Africa. Tigray has a population of over 7 million people and its official language is Tigrigna. Its capital city is Mekele.

Map of present day Tigray

History of Tigray

Tigray has a long and rich history that dates back millennia. The holy city of Axum located in Northern Tigray was once the home of the Axumite Empire, one of the world’s largest empires at one point along with the Roman empire.

Kindom of D’mt (1000 BC – 500 BC)

Kingdom of Axum (80 BC – 850 AD)

Battle of Adwa (1896)

1st Woyane Revolution (1943)

1st Famine (1958)

2nd Woyane Revolution (1975)

2nd Famine (1984)

Mengistu is overthrown and EPRDF take power (1991)

Border war with Eritrea (1993)

3rd Woyane Revolution (2020)