About Us

Tigrayan Association in Toronto (TAT) is a non-profit charity association organized exclusively for the purposes set forth in its bylaw. TAT works to bring all Tigrayans to unite, cooperate, coordinate, collaborate their skills, knowledge and expertise to solve the prevalent educational, cultural, social and economic problems community members and their offspring are facing and help them overcome and succeed in Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve, support, and advance the interest of the members of Tigrayans in Toronto and surrounding areas. While the community’s special commitment is to advance the cause of the Tigrayan community, it will serve the aim to build a strong, unified, and caring Tigrayan community; where youth, adults, and elders are engaged and contributing to mutual advancement through educational, social, economic, and cultural ties.

Our Goals

  • To help our children in their learning and acquiring desired discipline and education in shaping them to be competent and responsible Canadian citizens. 
  • To educate our children about our culture, language, tradition, and values.
  • To establish a strong relationship with Tigray and be actively involved in the development of Tigray with volunteerism, investment, promotion of tourism, and transfer of technology and best practices, etc.
  • To strengthen relations with similar international communities. 
  • To establish one strong Tigray community centre and branch centres when the need and ability so requires. 

We provide a community:

  • To celebrate and commemorate the Tigray national holidays and special events.
  • To share happiness and challenges of members and immediate family members during death and accident, wedding, celebrations and milestone achievements.
  • To provide mediation services to members to diminish conflicts and misunderstandings among members, families and the community at large.
  • To exchange important information pertinent for the life of members in Canada. This may include information related to health, education, job opportunity, other social services, etc.